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Suspension Systems

Suspension problems can cause a vehicle to become hard to control. If you experience any of the following problems, make sure you schedule an appointment with the Bui's Auto Repair.
  • If you hit a bump and you notice your vehicle keeps bouncing for a while.
  • It's more difficult to turn the steering wheel, or it feels like something is binding or dragging.
  • The steering wheel moves too easily.
  • Your vehicle pulls to one side while you're driving.
  • You must constantly correct the direction of the car by turning the steering wheel when you're driving.
  • Your steering wheel jumps or jerks when you're idling or driving slowly.
  • Your steering wheel begins to vibrate.
  • The steering wheel wobbles side-to-side when traveling at steady speeds.
  • When you turn a corner, you hear a knocking, clunking and/or squeaking noise.
  • When you turn the steering wheel all the way in one direction, you hear a whining or moaning sound.