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Gas Mileage Calculator

When planning a trip, one of the biggest anticipated expenses is gasoline. With the Gas Mileage Calculator, you can budget your fuel expenses based on the total number of miles and the mileage you get with your vehicle. Even if you're not taking a trip, it's good to know how much it costs to operate your vehicle per mile. Keeping an eye on your vehicle's cost per mile can help you plan ways to save on fuel expenses. It can even help you detect potential car trouble by helping you note any sudden changes in your vehicle's fuel consumption.

To use the calculator:

  • Fill up your gas tank
  • Write down the odometer reading
  • Drive as you normally would

When it's time to fill up the tank again:

  • Write down the number of gallons of gas you put into the tank
  • Note the new odometer reading

Click here to use the gas mileage calculator.